Hey there! I’m Tiffany, safe cosleeping educator and mom of two.

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I built my career as an actor from the ground up. I never would've guessed I'd need to use those skills as a new mom.

I started from scratch ─ taking classes in drama, voice, commercials, sitcoms, improvisation... you name it. Reading every book and blog out there on how to break into the biz, networking with other actors, paying for workshops with casting directors. I taught myself how to create a website, I lined up in front of Central Casting, worked for meals, got my SAG card, found an agent, auditioned, booked costar credits, and on and on.

It was a painfully-slow process, and I treated each of these milestones as the victories they were. Through trial and error, over the course of several years, I had somehow pieced it all together.

So young, so well-rested!
I thank my lucky stars for the courage and determination I'd built up by the time I became a mom... because I needed it from night one.

It was clear that I needed to figure out the safety and logistics of sleeping beside my newborn in my bed, on my own from scratch.

I didn't know anybody in real life who bedshared with their baby. I spent hours and days researching terminology and trying to find the experts in the field. I bought the few books out there on the subject, browsed case control studies online, emailed professors at far-away universities, asked all my mom friends why they'd never done it. I scrolled through threads and message boards until my eyes watered.

Just like before, it took a lot of time and hard work to feel like I had a firm grasp on everything.

I began to think about other new parents out there who didn’t have the resources I did to figure it out ─ what if they didn’t have a supportive partner, or they were already back at work, or if they were experiencing debilitating PPA or PPD. What about them?

By the time I was pregnant with my second little boy, I had a little, prickly feeling in the back of my mind that wouldn’t go away. I wanted to make safe bedsharing information easily-accessible for the exhausted parent frantically Googling at 3 a.m.

I wanted to create content about the nitty-gritty, practical aspects of being a modern parent with a baby in your bed... The beauty, challenges, and intricacies of safe bedsharing.

So I bought cosleepy.com and got to work.

Top: Nursing my toddler while pregnant with his little brother. Left: My happy place! Right: Working on Cosleepy whenever and wherever I could.


Tiffany Belanger attended UCLA and adventured in the film and television industry prior to parenthood. She was shocked at how difficult it was to find reliable information about safe cosleeping when her newborn would not sleep in his bassinet.

After two years of research and real-life trial and error, she founded Cosleepy to help other parents keep their babies safe in their beds.

Tiffany’s work resonated with parents across the world, and it didn’t take long for her Instagram page to grow by the tens of thousands and become the largest community of cosleeping parents on the web.

She is a frequent guest on podcasts and blogs, and has been interviewed by the media several times as a representative for the educated, middle-class, Millennial parent who’s decided to go against the standard advice.

Her work has been referenced in several articles discussing the controversy of cosleeping, most notably New York Magazine's viral article Are We All Secretly Co-sleeping?

Tiffany cosleeps with her husband and two little boys in northern California.




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Out of all my acting training, improv classes at The Second City were my favorite.


My two little boys are named after a city and a rockstar.


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