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I’m Tiffany, a safe cosleeping educator with all the how to's

This is your cosleeping one-stop shop! Here you'll learn how to bedshare safely and comfortably. You're gonna figure out all the logistics. And your confidence will grow by the night.

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I'm right here in the trenches with you, and you're no longer doing this alone. I'm so glad you're here!

Ready to Cosleep With Confidence?

I'm talkin' about you walking into your bedroom tonight with a dang smile on your face because you cannot wait to fall asleep beside your baby. You'll have no doubt that they will be safe and happy all night long, and that this is 100% the right decision for your family.

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Cosleeping Guides


You don’t have time to read all the books. (And how could you possibly even hold a book right now, with that baby on you?!) Spend your next contact nap scrolling one of my quick how-to guides instead.

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Safe Cosleeping Consultations 

Want to sit down with me and talk about all this? Book a virtual safe cosleeping consultation with me to examine your setup to make sure it's safe and working for everybody in the family.

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Cosleeping Blog

Binge scientifically-backed advice on safe cosleeping from the experts, plus thoughtfully-curated recommendations from me to help you live your best cosleeping life!

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“I knew I wanted to bedshare, but I was afraid. Tiffany’s guidance, expert knowledge, and caring heart were the key pieces we needed to follow our intuition.”

aisha K., florida

Late bloomer, in love with Audrey Hepburn, gimme all the pretty trade paperbacks

I created Cosleepy to make safe bedsharing information easily-accessible for the exhausted parent frantically Googling at 3 a.m.

I wanted to create content about the nitty-gritty, practical aspects of being a modern parent with a baby in your bed... The beauty, challenges, and intricacies of safe bedsharing.

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Give Those Hips A Break Tonight

Lying in the cuddle curl is an important part of keeping your baby safe on your mattress. But wow it can hurt! Take a look at my favorite support pillows and purchase a few for yourself. You've earned it.


Top resources

How To Stay Comfy In The Cuddle Curl

Welcome to Cuddle Curl 101!  This is everything you need to know to prevent and relieve cuddle curl pain.

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The Holy Grail
Of Safe Bedsharing Guidelines

Snag this free compilation of safety checklists from the experts! Keep it saved on your phone for quick reference.


My Cosleeping Must-Have List

The best cosleeping-related products I’ve found so far. I’m talkin’ mattresses, bed rails, bedding, and so much more!

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To simplify cosleeping safety and logistics so moms can keep their

with confidence.

I offer parents practical, scientifically-backed advice on safe bedsharing and roomsharing. And I'm dedicated to making more of this challenging season of life. Making it more bearable, more beautiful, more fun.

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Keeping your baby safe in your bed doesn't have to hurt your body. Start preventing and relieving cuddle curl pain tonight. You deserve to sleep beside your baby without hurting.

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A mother sits on a white arm chair with an infant and a toddler in her arms.

This rule of thumb is a game-changer for postpartum mental health, especially for moms who cosleep. Close proximity during sleep is actually the biological norm.

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The Best Floor Beds With Rails For Your Toddler

When it’s time to transition your toddler out of your bed and into their own, choose a floor bed frame with rails. You won’t have to worry about them rolling off or getting trapped in a gap.

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There are tons of Pinterest-worthy night lights out there. But a family with a toddler on a floor bed needs something a little special. Because your toddler isn’t confined to a crib, their light needs to be extra safe.

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3 Requirements For Your New Bedsharing Mattress

Finding a new mattress that’s affordable, comfortable, and safe for bedsharing with your baby can feel near-impossible. There are many options on the market today, but only worry about three things.

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Need A New Mattress For Bedsharing? Avoid Memory Foam.

Shopping for a new mattress that’s safe for bedsharing can be overwhelming with all the options on the market today. If you can avoid memory foam, do it. Memory foam has at least three major risk factors.

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Snag Something From Madewell To Beautify June at Home

Whatever you choose, whether from Madewell or Target or Amazon or Etsy or the local small business up the road, I hope you can occasionally treat yourself.

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