let me guess...

Your baby will only sleep on your chest.

You've tried to cuddle curl beside your baby as they sleep in your bed, but nope. They have to be on you.

It's the only way you're getting sleep, so you're desperate to know if it can it be done safely.

And will you need a new wedge pillow to prop up at the right angle? ...Is there a right angle?!

And how can you make it more comfortable? What's the best way to feed baby on and off throughout the night?

You're spiraling. And you don't even know where to begin finding answers because most safe bedsharing information is about sleeping beside your baby... not under!

Wouldn't it be a game-changer if you had answers to all the biggest chest sleeping questions right there in your pocket, from a mom who's already done all the research for you?


Chest Sleeping FAQs

A compilation of beautifully-designed PDFs brimming with photos, clickable product recommendations, illustrations and demo videos to answer your biggest questions about the chest sleeping.

Each PDF cites current research, quotes experts in the field, and has been fact-checked by Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum ─ a neuroscientist, author, doula, and bedsharing mom who knows chest sleeping well.

Yes, please


Learn how to keep your baby safer throughout the night as you two sleep chest-to-chest.


Take steps to prevent chest sleeping pain at night, and know exactly how to relieve aches in the morning.


Steal these tips and tricks to help make chest sleeping easier and more enjoyable for you both.

Kind Words

I feel like you just saved my life! Thank you for these tips. My 6-day-old won't take anything but a human mattress, and it's been stressful!

— katie n.

 This is the first [guide] I've read that makes me feel that I have done right by responding to what my newborn wants and needs. So happy I could cry!

— Jenna g.

Thank you!! Never have I found tips like these while googling around to see if other parents had sleepers like mine.

— @mirjameg

You are exhausted. You're spread thin.

And you definitely don't have money to burn.

Unlike those expensive and time-consuming video courses, live webinars, or 100-page PDF guides... this one was actually designed with you in mind.

Each FAQ is individually-packaged for ease and speed, and the whole compilation is only $39 USD.

Come back to the guide throughout your baby's first year of life, as questions pop up. There's no need to go through everything in one sitting!


With this guide...

You'll Learn How To:

+ identify risks and know 
   exactly how to avoid them

+ stay comfy throughout the
   night and relieve aches &
   pains in the morning

+ decide what angle to prop
   yourself up, to maximize
   safety and comfort

take me there!

+ dress baby and yourself to
   maximize safety and comfort

+ test your mattress at home
   to see if it's firm enough for

+ safely position yourself

want something like that?!

+ nurse baby throughout the
   night from this position

+ transition from chest
   sleeping to cuddle curling
   when it's time

"This is the first time I've seen a [guide] that actually acknowledges that babies may not sleep anywhere but on you, and it can be done safely.

— @laurenjochan

It's so refreshing, when all other safe sleep advice is lay your baby on a flat, firm surface. I'm yet to meet a baby who allowed this!"