New Floor Bed? You’ll Need A Safe Light for Your Toddler.

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June 8, 2022

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There are tons of Pinterest-worthy night lights out there. But a family with a toddler on a floor bed needs something a little special. Because your toddler isn’t confined to a crib, their light needs to be extra safe in case wandering hands find it at 2 a.m.

The best night light for a toddler using a floor bed is one that is out of reach, cordless, and doesn’t get hot enough to burn little hands.

Luckily for those of us cosleeping parents who have access to Amazon delivery services, there are plenty of safe options that are also Pinterest-worthy!

Keep in mind that everything here is cordless (i.e. USB-rechargable or powered by alkaline batteries). Happy browsing!

Let’s begin with a couple night lights that offer more bang for your buck. This 2.5″ cutie is a light and sound machine in one! The sounds you can choose from are white noise, brown noise, gentle surf, rushing water, thunderstorm, and a fan. It comes with a removable lanyard, so you can hang it out of your toddler’s reach. This popular dimmable light also pulls double-duty. It offers eight sounds — birds, frogs, waves, cicadas, rain, water drops, rushing water, and church bells.

You may recognize this amber reading light! It’s a hit with many cosleeping parents who like to read before bed. (It’s the only way I could finish my signed Book Lovers paperback with a baby sleeping on my chest!) It has three brightness levels, and the light it emits is 99% free of blue light (which can disrupt sleep). You can clip it up high on a floating shelf, the curtains, etc. and adjust the flexible gooseneck so it’s not shining directly at the floor bed.

Hang up these camping lights instead, if you’d like something more permanent and stylish. Make sure you only use them on the “low” setting, and keep in mind that they each require three AAA batteries (not included).

What if you don’t need your toddler’s night light out of reach? What if you want them to be able to use it freely? Consider this campfire lantern or this sleek tap light — both designed with little handles for little hands! This snow-capped mountain doesn’t have a handle, but it is soft and small enough for your toddler to bring into bed if they’d like.

This little penguin comes with a dimmable, silicone light that your toddler can remove and hold as they fall asleep. It’s recommended for children over 18 months. Here’s another penguin that changes colors.

Now, if your toddler loves animals, but they’re not particularly into penguins…

I got you covered!

Here are some of Amazon’s highest-rated animal-themed night lights:

You may be noticing a trend! Tap lights are extremely popular, since toddlers can easily turn them on/off on their own. No help from Mommy necessary!

Let’s look at a few more. Most are dimmable and change colors. If you’re techie and want to be able to control it with your phone, check out this best-selling model.

Otherwise this tap light, this one, this one, and this one, too, are all similar and well-reviewed. (There are oh-so many other models and some that you can stick to the wall, too!)

Or, hey! Even better, you can take a creative detour and give your toddler a kid’s flashlight instead of a traditional night light! They can keep it with them and use it as needed. This one is recommended for toddlers aged 3+ and requires two AA batteries.

Whichever night light you ultimately choose, make sure to safety-proof the entire room in case your child wakes up and starts exploring.

Disclaimer: If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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