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5 Steps: How to Successfully Ninja Roll Out of Bed
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5 Steps: How To Successfully Ninja Roll Out of Bed

Even if you’re a fan of contact naps, sometimes you need to get something done while baby sleeps for an hour. Follow these five steps to sneak away and leave your baby to sleep solo.

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I’m Tiffany.
I'm a safe cosleeping educator and mom of two little boys.
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10 Tips: How to Best Leave Your Bedsharing Toddler Overnight

There’s a special sense of doom reserved for bedsharing moms who know they’ll need to spend a night away from their toddler. How will their toddler sleep without them for the first time in their life?!

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Make A New Scrunchie One of Your First Bedsharing Tools

Until a baby is able to move her head or roll her body away from hair that falls on her face, she is in danger. Wait until your baby reaches that developmental milestone, months from now.

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5 Ways to Feel Better: How to Best Position Your Arms in the Cuddle Curl

As a new cosleeper, I religiously curled my body into a “C” at the beginning of every night and tried my best not to move a muscle. Of course this meant I was constantly achy and sore!

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How to Keep Your Baby Safe on a High Bed

Your fellow cosleeping parents will probably tell you that the safest way to bedshare is to place your mattress directly on the floor. But what if there are good reasons why you can’t do that?

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Bedsharing Baby Won't Sleep on Their Back? Do This.

I used to panic when I woke up to my baby sleeping on his side or tummy. I knew that back-sleeping is vital to safe bedsharing, and I would drown in mom guilt.

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How to Design the Best Bedsharing Routine for Your Newborn

It took us a while to figure out the perfect nightly routine as a bedsharing family. I want to break it down, step by step, to give you a jumping-off point to create a routine of your own.

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How to Avoid Cosleeping Burnout Before It's Too Late

It only took a few months for me to experience cosleeping burnout. My days blurred together as life revolved around the family bed: nursing to sleep, contact naps, and nursing on demand all night long.

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how to stop bedsharing

My aunt cautioned me not to bedshare, whispering, “Once you let your baby into your bed, he will never leave.” I disregarded her advice. Bedsharing can end at any point with a gentle transition.

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Night Weaning Made Easy With This Picture Book

I was six months pregnant with my second and nursing hurt; I needed to night wean my toddler. I couldn’t have done it in a slow, respectful, or nurturing way without the help of this book.

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